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Campus Chapel Devo with Chapin Marsh


2 Corinthians 1:20 New King James Version (NKJV)

20 For all the promises of God in Him are Yes, and in Him Amen, to the glory of God through us.

Here is a very short Devo for you and me today. Ready? The answer is YES!

Any ground rules you may ask? Yup, here goes:

1. Are you “in Him”, that is, a believer in Jesus Christ. Is Jesus YOUR SAVIOR or just a good guy, not the God-man? Ask Jesus today to be your savior.

2. Will you do what you do, “to the Glory of God? Nothing selfish, self-serving just a sincere desire to honor God, and obey what His call on your life is and keep moving forward…Giving God glory!

3. FUN ALERT!! Here is where YES really comes into focus. If we do the first two steps we can enjoy step 3 as God chooses to do stuff “through us.” Amazing that God wants to use each of us exactly as He has made us.

So, make sure you know Jesus as your Savior. Honor Him as He blesses you to avoid among other things, pride, since what He is about to do in your life and mine, is “exceedingly and abundantly above and beyond all you can expect or imagine. “. Eph 3:20
Then, enjoy God as you and I “seek first His kingdom and righteousness and all these things will be added unto you.” Matt 6:33

Now do all that the Lord has put in your heart to do. Today, for you, the answer is YES. 🙏🔥🎯

Campus Chapel Devo with Chapin Marsh


“Then the Lord commissioned Joshua, (YOU), son of Nun with these words, ‘Be strong and courageous!  You MUST bring the people of Israel into the land I swore to give them, I WILL BE WITH YOU.”

There are times in your life, and my life, when we are asked by God to truly do something, “that if God is not in it, it is surely doomed to failure.”

When you take that step, (you are willing, right?!), it is SCARY!  The enemy will try and cause doubt, fear, and accuse you of all sorts of things.  Satan and his minions will sadly use other believers to discourage you,  . . . remember the 10 spies who agreed the land was good but discouraged others from going into the promise land?

However, NOT THIS TIME!  You and I are going into the Promise Land!  You will hear God’s words that you “MUST bring the people of Israel into the land I swore to give them, I WILL BE WITH YOU!”

That settles it!  God called you to take this step of faith!! Now, no matter what…go in, be strong and courageous!  God is with you and “He who has called you is faithful who will bring it to pass.”


Campus Chapel Devo with Chapin Marsh


“I am between a rock and a hard place!”

Have you ever been there? In 1 Samuel 14 Jonathan and his armor-bearer make a decision to go take new land. Jonathan notices the people in charge (his dad Saul) are not doing their job. Often something new comes out of people looking at things that are broken or no longer alive and determining God wants to bring Revival to that business, ministry, relationship, etc.

So, Jonathan the next in line to the throne risks everything with one other guy and says, “let’s go up against these Philistines, perhaps the Lord will be with us.”

PERHAPS…that is the key word. Jonathan takes the step of faith and Faith always leaves us a little uncertain about what we are doing, but confident in who is leading us and His gracious love for us.

The armor-bearer encourages Jonathan with, “do all that is in your heart. I am with you heart and soul.” Wow, who can we encourage today like that!? If you need encouragement ask God to help you today.

They go up between a rock and a hard place and have to scale a hill to attack overwhelming odds to get a victory that only God could have given them.

Jonathan’s journey began with a burden, (who will fight our enemy)? This turned into a team, (small just two guys). These two trusted God and moved forward but left room for their…PERHAPS God will be with us.”

Then, God came through….and He will come through for you today as well. You are not alone. He is in the process of directing you. Don’t look at overwhelming odds…in fact, embrace them…God does great things with overwhelming odds.

We all need to be an armor-bearer, and we are all an armor-bearer. Move forward…trust God, encourage those around you, take the enemy, give God praise, repeat!

Have a super day!!

Campus Chapel Devo with Chapin Marsh


A Revelation for today:

There is a spiritual world outside of our normal daily experience. It is a world filled with battles of good vs. evil. Sometimes what you sense, feel, or experience is an outgrowth of that Warfare. The leader of the “bad guys” is Satan. He is a great counterfeiter. Here is what that looks like:

God = Satan
Jesus = Anti-Christ
Holy Spirit = False Prophet

Satan’s Goal from his mouth is, “I will be like God.” The fruit of his efforts is confusion among other things. Remember, “where envy and self seeking are, confusion and EVERY EVIL thing exist.” Did you catch it? Envy and every evil thing are released by envy and self seeking which create confusion.

If you are in a relationship that is “confusing “ or are making a decision today and do not have the wisdom from James, “pure, peaceable, gentle, willing to yield with good fruit and mercy and no hypocrisy or partiality…”. STOP!

Wait for the “peace that surpasses all understanding to guard your heart and mind in Christ Jesus…”. Then make your decision🤗

What type of deception has Satan tried to bring into your life today?

You and I need to “be sober, be vigilant, because your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.” Who is that someone…? Not me and not you today, right!!

We will simply say to Satan’s scheme’s “THE LORD REBUKE YOU!” Turn your battle, the confusion, temptation, fear, hurt, pain back over to Jesus and let Jesus fight for you…but BE ALERT!

Satan is the great counterfeiter and he knows he has lost the great battle of good vs. evil but he is prideful and delusional. Let’s not be that ourselves😉

He will be tossed into the eternal lake of fire with his fallen angels, his unholy trinity of Satan, anti-Christ and the False Prophet…so we (Christians), win…let’s walk in that victorious life now and enjoy this Revelation for today…

Spiritual warfare is real…Jesus who “saw Satan fall like lightening from heaven,” is LORD. He wants to remind you, that you and I have a choice to ignore the spiritual warfare and suffer great pain, or fall at the cross of Jesus and let Him take our “issues.”

I’m going with Jesus. Here is an encouragement for you too!

“I will fight for you, you only need to be still.”

Exodus 14:14

Campus Chapel Devo with Chapin Marsh


“And the King loved Esther above all the women, and she obtained grace and favor in his sight more than all the virgins; so that he set a royal crown upon her head, and made her Queen instead of Vashti. “. Esther 2:17-18

Do you feel orphaned? Esther lost both parents. Do you wonder about your future? Esther had an uncle who adopted her but who had no influence nor position. Are things falling apart around you? King Xerxes just returned from stinging military defeats and an economy and country in shambles. Esther was a Jew and as such was a foreigner in her own country…that was dying.


The story moves very quickly to a beauty contest. Esther enters because her uncle Mordecai believes in her and encourages her to try. We all need to be encouraged (ask God to encourage you today!!!), and ask ourselves, is there someone I can encourage today? Let this be the encouragement you have been hoping for…ENTER THE BEAUTY CONTEST. You may be poor, sad, dispossessed but the thing you are seeking is right in front of you…humble yourself and risk losing…then see, like Esther, your “gift will bring you before Kings and not unknown men.”

Esther wins the beauty contest…why?! Simple. Because God was working quietly, discretely behind the scenes, and in the shadows completely controlling the situation and circumstances so that Esther “obtained grace and favor,” from the Lord with the King!

Lastly, she was not made Queen to hold the title and spend the resources lavishly upon herself or her family. She was made Queen to save the WORLD!

She saved the Jews (God’s redemptive plan for mankind too), and her family, including Mordecai, and these were not only safe and secure but they all got promoted and prospered in a new season for them all. God wants to do the same for you. However, you have to move forward and at the right time, help someone else have the confidence, or you can ask God to give you the confidence to enter the beauty contest He has set up in front of you🤓🙏🔥

Remember, Esther had to eventually take the step of faith…😉

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